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Chawatvish Worrapoj

Chawatvish Worrapoj

Software Engineer <-> iOS Developer



CWStory is a digital journal of my life’s adventures,
inspired by my initials, CW, standing for Chawatvish Worrapoj.
It’s a platform where I document my personal journey and experiences, offering a glimpse into the moments that have defined me.


I aim to share these stories with fellow developers and enthusiasts within our community, hoping that they may find inspiration, guidance, or simply enjoy the ride through the chapters of my life.


Part 1: I am a full-time employee at a certain bank. You can find more about me on LinkedIn. I hold the position of Software Engineer and my responsibilities include collaborating with stakeholders, devising solutions to assigned challenges, writing code, and debugging, among other tasks.

Part 2: I also work as a freelancer and you can learn more about my freelance work on Fastwork.co. Recently, I was recognized as a specialist by the Fastwork team, and I would like to express my gratitude to them.

Part 3: I’m a blogger who is just starting out… any support and encouragement are greatly appreciated!


  • 🧑🏻‍💻 Tecnology, Programming
  • 📚 Books
  • ☕️ Coffee
  • 🌊 The sea
  • 🤑 Finance, Banking, and Investments
  • ✈️ Road trip and Oversea travel